How can crowns and bridges help you smile with confidence?

Has tooth loss or damage made you hide your smile? Having an attractive and confident smile plays a very important role in establishing a good first impression. Teeth loss or damage due to accidents, bad dental practices, or even diseases can negatively affect your smile and the impression you make on other people. If you are facing a similar issue, don’t worry; dental crowns and bridges can restore your beautiful smile and get your oral health back on track. 

What are Dental Crowns 

A dental crown is essentially a cap or cover worn on top of a damaged tooth or dental implant. It covers the entire teeth above the gumline and acts as a restoration cover, sealing the teeth and preventing further decay and breakage. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain or ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), zirconium, and resins. Of these, pure porcelain crowns are the most expensive. While gold crowns are durable and cheap, they do not look like natural teeth. They are thus mostly used for the back teeth,like the molars.  Crowns can hide damaged or discolored teeth, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and improving your smile. Crowns made from materials like porcelain and zirconium also match the color of your natural teeth, giving your smile a more natural look. Crowns can also protect damaged teeth from breaking by preventing wear and reducing the stress caused by biting. 

What are Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to ‘bridge’ the gap between teeth when one or more of them are missing. It consists of an artificial tooth that is fixed in place by crowns that are fitted on the teeth adjacent to the missing one. While traditional dental bridges use crowns on either side of the artificial teeth, others, like cantilever bridges, use crowns only on a single side. This is useful when there is only one natural tooth near the gap.  Bridges are usually made from materials like gold, ceramic, PFM, and zirconia. Bridges can cost a lot more than crowns and typically range from 2,000 USD for traditional bridges to 15,000 USD for implant-supported bridges. Many dental insurance policies partially cover the cost of installing bridges. Check here to see if your insurance provider is supported by us.  Much like with crowns, bridges also mimic the look of natural teeth and hide the awkwardness that missing teeth bring to a smile. Bridges also keep the teeth next to them from moving and make it easier to chew food. 


A perfect smile can be your door to a successful future. It can leave a lasting first impression, improve your confidence, and boost your self-esteem. Crowns and bridges do all this while at the same time helping protect your teeth from damage and improving your overall oral hygiene. Here at Parkview Dental, we provide custom-made crowns and bridges that can restore your perfect smile while restoring the full function of a damaged tooth. Call us at 480-818-9016 or schedule an appointment online using our website.  

Dr. Brandon Schmidt | 11-January-2023

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