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When you have ongoing tooth pain, endodontics can be an amazing relief. Endodontics is dentistry that works on the tissue inside of a hurting tooth.

Endodontic care can:

Don’t Be Scared!

We don’t cause the pain. We make it go away! Most often the pain you hear about from a root canal is misunderstood! The pain is from a severe dental problem like an abcess, deep decay, or a cavity. The “root canal” is just the process to make that preexisting pain go away! When we relieve your pain, you can get back to your normal life without worrying about your tooth anymore. Call us at Parkview Dental today to stop the pain!

Root Canal Gilbert AZ

The root canal is the space inside your tooth. It holds sensitive tissues and nerves. If a bacterial infection from decay or the germs from saliva have reached that sensitive tissue, it causes horrible pain!

The infection can break down the walls of your tooth. One of our top priorities is to stop that damage and save your natural tooth before it requires extraction.

Keeping your own teeth is always so much easier and LESS EXPENSIVE than having them replaced. Take care of the problem today instead of needing more complicated and expensive services later.

How Do Endodontic Services Help?

We use root canal treatments to relieve your pain, save your tooth, and protect your dental health. The treatment involves:

Endodontics can save you from the expense and discomfort of needing an extraction or tooth replacement. We’ll make the procedure as comfortable and safe as possible.

Call to Relieve Your Pain Today

Many patients are nervous about endodontics, but root canals are routine procedures for us! We can relieve your infection quickly and efficiently. Imagine the pain being over and your tooth back to normal!

Call Parkview Dental today to schedule your endodontic treatment. Save your tooth, and get back to your regular routine as soon as you can!

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