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If you’re missing a lot of teeth, we know what you’re experiencing. You can’t chew right anymore, and your nutrition is suffering because of it. You don’t like smiling. You don’t even like the way your speech sounds.


Unfortunately, missing even a few teeth can alter your facial features, making your face look sunken and wrinkled. Your digestion is limited, and you may not get all the nutrition you need. You probably look for softer, easier-to-chew foods, which are usually higher in fat and calories and have less nutritional value. It’s difficult to consume a well-rounded diet of fruits and vegetables, and especially meat, when you can’t chew very well. This has a negative effect on your overall health.

We can get you any type of dentures at Parkview Dental to replace your missing teeth. We can prepare your mouth for a complete replacement or just a single row of teeth. Call us today to discuss your needs and to get a beautiful smile again!

Dentures Gilbert AZ

Every type of denture is a frame that holds custom-made new teeth. We make sure that your new teeth look just right for your mouth.

Depending on your number of missing teeth and some other factors, we can recommend and discuss different types of dentures for you. These include:

If you’re missing many of your teeth, dentures could be the solution for you. They can even be less expensive than certain other restorative options. We can help you select the type of denture that will contribute to both your health and your appearance.

Call Parkview Dental if Dentures Make Sense for You

If you’re considering dentures, just give Parkview Dental a call. You can have a consultation and exam with Dr. Schmidt if you desire. We’ll help you decide on the right course to relieve the problems you’ve been having with missing teeth and give you a bright, new smile!

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