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Dental implants can be an amazing solution if you:

Having a missing tooth or teeth can disrupt your quality of life, prevent you from eating what you like, and even be an infection risk.

Dental Implants Gilbert

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root made of titanium. After we surgically place it in your jaw, it will stimulate and strengthen the bone of your jaw. When it’s ready, it can hold a new tooth crown or support dentures or bridges.

When done correctly, the implant procedure takes a few appointments, which include:

Dr. Schmidt prefers that this entire process happens completely within our office whenever possible. Rarely would you have to go to another office for any part of it or deal with the frustration of juggling appointments at various offices.

Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ

Getting a beautiful, restored smile with implants has many benefits, including:

Our goal is for your dental implants to become a normal part of your mouth, so you can be totally comfortable and secure with them.

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Dr. Schmidt will be happy to give you a consultation and examination to tell you if you’re a good dental implant candidate. Call Parkview Dental today. We’re excited to restore your unique and lovely smile.

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