Gilbert Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry is a specialty focusing on the unique needs of our youngest patients. We encourage parents to bring children in with the rest of the family after their 2nd birthday. This is a great time to evaluate the pediatric dentition and get your child comfortable in the office. As your child grows, their nature of their dental visits will also change to meet their needs.

Pediatric Dentist Gilbert AZ

The next major transition in pediatric care is after their 5th birthday. This is just the right time to evaluate the timing of your child’s incoming permanent teeth. It is vital that children learn from a young age that the dentist and dental hygienist are “helpers” who are there for their health and well-being. We understand that this is a scary experience for many children and Dr. Schmidt, as a father, is especially sensitive to making all children feel comfortable and safe.

Not all dentists like to see children. Pediatric dentistry involves many complexities, and children bring their own emotions and exuberance to the experience. At Parkview Dental, we welcome children as patients, we take the time to explain the tools, the process, and enjoy teaching our youngest patients how to have a healthy smile for a lifetime. We treat each child as a unique individual which means that no two kid’s visits are alike. We feel the extra time and effort we spend is a true investment in our patient’s health-and we take this responsibility very seriously.

If it has been 6 months or more since your child has visited the dentist, or if you have a child who is due for their first appointment, we would love to see them soon. Give us a call at 480.818.9016 today.

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